The Corrs - Summer Sunshine

After the past weekend's dismal showing by Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest and on hearing his song, too many years can't be allowed to pass before The Corrs are hauled in by RTE to compete in the annual contest on behalf of the Irish. Certainly, they have a way with pop that's been lacking in the dribbling folk offered by Ireland over the last five or six years and so long as U2, Rock Stewart And The Plattermen and Fathers Ted Crilly and Donal Maguire refuse to get involved, The Corrs would be a surer bet than the newly slimmed Westlife, following Fat Bryan's exit.

Getting what's important out of the way first, Jim Corr still looks as though he's fast losing his hair but the high foreheads of his sisters suggest that's a family trait. Otherwise, Caroline Corr, despite being married, will remain the most attractive woman in pop so long as Betty Boop remains in retirement.

As for the music, well it's nice pop in the manner of The Corrs' earlier hit, Breathless rather than the gentle folk of Rebel Heart. As such, Summer Sunshine is closer to their last album, In Blue, than the better Talk On Corners meaning they've yet to surpass What Can I Do, which remains their best moment, being the time when their mix of sweet vocals and light pop really came together. Self-written and leading their forthcoming album, Borrowed Heaven, Summer Sunshine shows The Corrs holding steady, which is doubtless good news for their fans but means that What Can I Do will remain a few minutes they're unlikely to ever better.



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