Various Artists - Revolution in Sound: For Rockers, Ravers, Lovers and Gazers

So much music, so little time.

For many a year the compilation album was an entry point, a means of discovering bands that would've otherwise slipped under the radar. Nowadays we have all manner of other methods of hearing new music and the art of the multi-artist volume has largely disappeared. This has not dissuaded the savvy fellows at Northern Star Records however, and Revolution In Sound succeeds in shining the spotlight at least temporarily on several acts that will have you frantically adding the band name to the prefix.

Aside from the occasional sore thumb, most of the acts are drawn from the shoegaze/C86 sector, with a few electronic and more experimental outfits. Prior to their recent demise, The Manhattan Love Suicides dealt in solid indie fuzz pop, to the extent you would imagine a certain despair must've set in as Pains of Being Pure At Heart stole all the headlines by peddling pretty much the same schtick, albeit without the Darling Buds vocals. Boston's The December Sound pursue an up-tempo Spacemen 3 vibe and despite the gentle introduction, 'Sick Fuzz' lives up to its name as Ursula Minor go all-out for the furious early-Mary Chain model.

The December Sound

The Electric Mainline are regulars upon the Sonic Boom/Jason Pierce Saturday Special to Flat
Out Fucked By-The-Sea, where they're often joined by The Voices - but only if they can be bothered to get up from the couch. Their name may tell you as much as you need to know, but Youngteam somehow manage to convince that the biggest gap in your CD collection is the one marked 'Something that starts off like Mogwai / Sigur Ros but then climaxes with Interpol-like despair'. Swedish apparently, which makes total sense.

A mixed bag then, but enough toffees in among the coffee creams to raise a smile.



out of 10

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