ABBA - Waterloo

I guess it's record company thinking to assume that thirty years after winning the Eurovision Song Contest that what people will really want is...a re-release of Waterloo on the Monday after the 2004 contest? There'd be more sense to this had they waited until June 18 2015 when they'll have the two-hundredth anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo to celebrate. Although, one suspects that the forward planning for this event has already taken place, including the booking a suitable venue for a performance of Mamma Mia, assuming that it's not still going eleven years from now.

But what of the song? It's as unlikely that you've never heard it as it is for Mr Kipling to produce a duff cake and whilst this single is as good a place to hear it as any, allowing for the immediacy of the song to find its best expression, ABBA Gold comes recommended if only for its inclusion of ABBA's best song, the barrage of pop that's S.O.S., a song that Jeff Wayne must have considered suing over.

Still don't get the point of this single, though. So, whilst it gets a high mark, that's only for the music and not for this curious re-release. After all, I'm assuming we can be spared next year's thirtieth anniversary reissue of 1975's winner, Teach-In's Ding Dinge Dong?



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