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His success was sealed when the panel of World Idol told Kurt Nilsen on television over Christmas that he looked like a hobbit. Had you been in the skies over the UK at that time, you'd have heard the nation's women sighing with pity as Nilsen looked visibly hurt and, compounded by Will Young's dreary performance and Simon Cowell's fawning praise of Kelly Clarkson, the country took to their telephones to vote Kurt Nilsen as World Idol.

But like it really matters, eh? I mean, Gareth Gates? Michelle McManus? One True Voice? The Pop Idol/Pop Stars brand is dropping in value as quickly as the currency of a debt-ridden South American country and no matter the lingering success of recent Will Young singles, they feel like an old dog fighting to keep moving despite the gammy legs, wind and rotten breathing. Were there only a vet for the pop charts with an injection to do the decent thing.

So it's unlikely that Kurt Nilsen will find much joy in the release of this single. Despite there being a flush of sympathy for him in late-December and into the New Year, mid-May seems like an awfully long way since then and Kurt Nilsen's She's So High will succeed or fail not on the song but how well he's remembered. And that's a pity as this is without a doubt the best song by any Pop Idol winner. Although derivative of Britpop - closer to The Boo Radleys than Blur - and an opening that could have been copped from any old pop/rock song, She's So High has a fine pop chorus that's the equal of much of Robbie Williams' early solo material.

The b-side to She's So High is quite another story, however, being the self-written Wedding's Off and is the kind of dreary and earnest rock that was released in the early nineties by Counting Crows, The Crash Test Dummies and Joan Osborne. There's the suspicion that it's Wedding's Off that's the real sound of Kurt Nilsen and not the charming pop of She's So High, meaning that should he experience any success in the UK, it'll be short-lived in the pop charts until he's rescued by aging fans of AOR.



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Last updated: 19/04/2018 13:15:08

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