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Team could well be one of the most exciting British rock bands to emerge in recent times. Perversely, they're not pretending to be punks nor copy the 'New Yawk' sound but instead are content to play souped up hard rock music which makes them something of an blessed relief. Their debut mini-album, [50,000][Dead Sharks], reviewed here, is well worth splashing out on if you get the chance. It's a grower and will leave you hugely anticipating whatever comes next from the Team chaps.

They're on a pretty extensive trip around the UK at the moment, and check the bottom of the page for your chance to see them, and we managed to ask Scott (guitars) a few questions...

CD Times Why TEAM?

Scott We are TEAM. We're a unit. We operate like one and work and feed off
each other like a TEAM. It's simple and direct. Band names are a weird
thing anyway i.e. Fugazi, Mogwai, QOTSA - after the initial "what the
hell does that mean?" is out the way ; names conjure up a whole
different meaning to the dictionary one

CD TimesWhy [50,000][Dead Sharks]? What does it mean?

Scott It's given us inspiration - we now have 2 new tracks ; 'Fifty Thousand'
and 'Dead Sharks' !!!!!

CD Times How long have you been together?

Scott TEAM played their 1st gig 15th June 2003. we got together about 6 weeks
before that. We had some songs to play around with and to give us focus
we just went out and booked a couple of gigs.

CD Times What are your influences and who are you listening to at the moment?

ScottMusic in general - good or bad.
We know what we don't want to sound like and drawn towards what we take
inspiration from.
Always on the stereo - Fugazi, Mogwai, Nirvana, Pixies, Ligament,

Really liking Future ex-Wife at the moment - bit of God Machine.
Listening to a few of Leicester based bands - Kiajaroovah, Love Ends
Disaster, Teen Amateur.

CD TimesWhat's been your best gig so far?

Scott Recently we played in Liverpool to a room of strangers and it was the
best feeling as they got more and more into what we were doing, by the
end it felt like we had really connected. Also at the start of april we
played with Part Chimp (ex-ligament), who we are massive fans of, it
was great to meet one of your favourite bands and them be so good
blokes with it too. Awesome gig.

CD Times And the worst?

Scott Nottingham back in July - lets just say we were below par.

CD Times You tour quite extensively, how are you generally received?

ScottGenerally we are received quite well. We have been trying quite hard to
get out and play to new audiences. We'd like to think that we put the
same effort and performance on, no matter what the venue, pa or
audience size. I think even if people aint into it, they get to see us
put everything of ourselves into that live performance which at least
gives them something to look at.

(We can vouch for that, check out the live show review)

CD Times You manage yourselves, how does that work out?

Scott We have been doing everything ourselves from the start, from recording
to getting gigs. Its hard work sometimes but we want to be at the front
line with it all.
At the end of feb we played in Sheffield where a Mr. Peter Spiby
(previously of Groop Dogdrill and now Future ex-Wife) saw us play and
he's helped us with a few things. He can get our stuff on people's
desks, which helps a lot, like getting our stuff to Steve Gullick which
led to us getting the Loose Lips Sink Ships feature (due out 17th may) and the LLSS gig.
We want to be involved in everything that may happen with TEAM, from
artwork to putting cd's in jiffy bags.

CD Times What are you're plans for the future?

Scott To grow and develop musically and as a band. We'd like to think we have
a few albums in us. We wanna tour. We wanna leave something
impressionable behind, we wanna make a mark - no matter how small or

Thanks a lot to Scott, and the rest of TEAM, for their input

As mentioned above, TEAM feature in the new issue of Loose Lips Sink Ships magazine, due out 17th May, and quite possibly the best music magazine on the market today. It's only just launched, but issue one was a killer. Check out the website for more.

TEAM tour dates - Catch 'em if you can...

Tue 18th May - Dublin Castle, Camden, London
Mon 24th May - 93 Feet East, London
Sun 30th May - GutarBankHoliday 3, The Attik, Leic
Fri 4th June - Archers, Newcastle (with Future Ex-wife)
Sat 5th June - Carpe Diem, Leeds
Fri 18th June - Corporation, Sheffield
Sat 19th June - Buffalo Bar, London
Sat 10th July - Coliseum, Coventry
Sun 11th July - The Attick, Leic.
Sat 17th July - The Old Angel, Nottingham

Check local venues for confirmation, prices and times

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