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It was just after midnight when it started. The 'Witching Hour'. It's not something you'd forget easily. I mean it's not everyday there's a knock at the door from a crown-wearing, talking Lion. Well not recently anyway. I was told to grab my hat and get on the back of the bike. For a 550lb mutha with four legs, a tail and no opposable thumbs that big kitty sure could handle a Harley. I rubbed my bleary eyes, brushed aside that golden mane 'n' took a closer look in the wing mirror. Zoiks! This wasn't just your average hog-riding Lion, this was Captain Sylvester, the coveted mascot of Nashville's magnificent MAGIC WANDS! And so it was, a few hours later ol' Sly delivered me - shaken and stirred - to a cosy, secret moonlit rendezvous, sat round a glowing campfire with his loving owners, Dexy & Chris.

Hey Magic Wands what's cooking? For the kids back home can you state your name, your favourite childhood memory and your favourite word?

Chris: My name is Chris, my favourite childhood memory is playing on giant rocks, and my fav word is "Magic".

Dexy: Hi, I'm Dexy, my best childhood memory is playing in the woods chasing rabbits and my favourite word was, and still is, "Yes".

I reckon your music fits that David Lynch ethos of “wild at heart and weird on top” perfectly. What is Magic Wand's manifesto?

Chris: "Magic, Love & Dreams forever”.

Dexy: “Live the dream”.

It's only a question of time before the world loves Magic Wands and chases you down the street. Does fame 'excite' or 'scare' you and what are you gonna spend your first million-dollar paycheck on?

Chris: 'Scare', and Gold.

Dexy: 'Excite', and I'd use it to pay back some people.

Earlier this year you completed a pretty extensive U.S. Tour with The Kills and our comeback kings, The Horrors. How were the shows and what demonic shenanigans went on behind closed doors?

Chris: The shows were great, we met a lot of nice people and saw a lot of places we've never been. I don't remember anything demonic on the tour, we usually keep to our own dressing room and did our own thing.

Dexy: The shows were fun. I don't really remember what happened behind closed doors, nothing too evil, maybe a few tricks and spells here and there.

You've released three amazin' singles now but c'mon already where's the album? You're making Chinese Democracy seemed “rushed” :) Can you give us some gossip / plotlines about the MW album?

Chris: Thank you. We're sitting in Los Angeles right now waiting to make the record, waiting for some things to get sorted out before we can start. As far as the record goes we've got a bunch of new songs we've demoed- and we're going to properly record some of our other songs that haven't been out much like Kaleidoscope Hearts and Heartbreak Whirl with better beats.

Dexy: Thanks. The album is on the way, it's going to be some old and some new songs. It's hard to say what the plotlines are just yet we're in the middle of picking out what songs are going to be on it.

What song, film or book best reflects your personalities and why?

Chris: (Richard Bach's book) Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Dexy: Chris just stole my answer! I think it's because neither of us fit it with the 'Flock of Seagulls' and we like doing our own thing.

With the artwork, the lyrics, the bio there's a tangible sense of fantasy and wonder. Something special. Is this - the whole package, the detail - important and do you think pop is losing it's sense of mystery and 'secret voodoo' that say Bowie, Prince or Hendrix had?

Chris: I don't know what's going on with pop these days, it seems the same as ever. There's the good, the bad, and the dull. We both are into making art so our artwork comes pretty easily, and our lyrics lean more towards magical or dreamy type things than literal, it sounds better that way to us. As far as "mystery" and "secret voodoo" I'm not sure. I do know most artists today put out every bit of information about themselves. If people like your music and want to know more they should go to the show and have fun.

Dexy: I admire people like Morrissey though. He's kept his mystery and more people need to do that. The internet is what's killing the mystery with all these websites. I rarely read what anyone else tweets or blogs, I just don't care. If I like a band I'll go see their concert. I think it's creepy to ponder what goes on inside someone else's private world or want to know. Just play me the hits and show me the art.

If you were literally possessed with “magic wands”, hooded gown, Merlin's beard, etc. what “black magic” chaos would ensue?

Chris: I would use the Secret Voodoo to allow us to get started on this record we've been waiting to make for the last nine months!!

Dexy: I would turn all the bad people in the world into tiny pink frogs.

The video for the mighty Warrior is waaay cool (if a little scary) – can you tell our readers about it and some of the imagery?

Chris: We did that in Los Angeles at the Bronson caves in Hollywood. It's the same place they did the intro to the old Batman TV show. We had an Indian doll and ran around and just had some fun and taped it.

Dexy: I looked a little scary in that video. While we were up at the cave I kept hoping for something to happen like a wolf appearing, or a coyote, but it was just lizards and birds so we used a lot of effects in editing to make it colourful.

Your bio makes you sound like Kit and Holly out of Badlands (“but without the murders”). What's the most romantic thing you've done for each other?

Chris: There's not one thing, it's a lot of little surprises. Usually a felt rose is involved.

Dexy: I let Chris handle that. He always does stuff that makes me believe in romance so maybe one day I'll do something romantic worth noting.

When our readers next go to “Music City” Nashville where would you recommend they visit that's “not in the brochure”and why?

Chris: They should go to Magical Journey on West End and pick up some crystals.

Dexy: Go eat pizza at Pizza Perfect and check out The Great Escape record store and Grimey's record store - best pizza ever and those are great record shops where you can find rare cool stuff.

By some crazy computer malfunction at the White House, Magic Wands are made Presidents of America. Whilst they rewire the machines, you get one day in office – what do you do / change?

Chris: I'd pull back the curtain and show the people the Oz.

Dexy: I'd make everything free and easy.

Count me in. Finally, what's the weirdest thing you've ever seen?

Chris: I thought it was weird when we both saw a lake turn purple in a matter of a minute or two, then turn back.

Dexy: Yeah that lake thing was weird! I think the weirdest thing I've seen is a cow get lifted off the ground in a tornado.

After that it really started to get a bit weird, a bit hazy, a bit crazy, insane in the membrane. Mushrooms, Tequila, Juju hounds, “scenes of an adult nature” and breakdancing competitions with the Lion. Let's all just agree what happens in the magic forest stays in the magic forest m'kay?

The Magic Wands' Mystery Machine travels the US throughout September and October and - Dionysus willing - they'll be over to glamour the UK shortly after. In the meantime the stellar 5-track Magic, Love & Dreams EP is available on Itunes UK now. Surrender your heart and feel some magic. MW Myspace.

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