Infrasound - Fire In The City

Even in its opening seconds, you know it's going to be great with such a canny use of feedback and the fading thrum of a guitar amp that it signals a calm before the sound of the suburbs comes in with Fire In The City.

Sounding completely unlike anything that could have come out of the capital, Fire In The City has the same post-punk strut that came about when Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield soaked up the sound of punk that was coming out of London. Given that it was produced by Andy Gill of the Gang Of Four, that's hardly a surprise, but this is such a great song that it promises much for Infrasound's forthcoming album.

With the two b-sides - Target Sports and a demo version of We Go On - being angular, difficult rock that will be well suited to fans of The Fall, Gang Of Four and Wire, this is an excellent debut single, showing the potential for there being a great album to come.



out of 10

Last updated: 19/04/2018 13:20:36

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