Two Lone Swordsmen - From The Double Gone Chapel

Andrew Weatherall, one half of Two Lone Swordsmen, will be best known to many as the producer of the classic Screamadelica. And From The Double Gone Chapel, a mix of edgy electronica and rock, finds him and recording partner, Keith Tenniswood, in a similar space to recent Primal Scream - as far away from that loved-up collaborative effort as is possible.

Stack Up begins the album with ominous noise, squelchy dub and Peter Hook-style bass (also to be found on Sick When We Kiss). Be warned, though, happy listeners: this record has more in common with Joy Divison than it does New Order or, err, Monaco, with a prevalent dark tone that approaches the fetishistic.

Formica Fuego, The Lurch, Damp and Driving With My Gears In Reverse (Only Makes You Move Further Away) are moody, rocky instrumentals reminiscent of Death In Vegas or David Holmes: grinding, sometimes growling, bass, to the fore. The Valve, just as sinister, leans more towards spooky electronica.

Faux, with its spoken word vocal, apparently by Weatherall himself, recalls Underworld at their most downbeat. Sex Beat and Kamanda’s Response show an Iggy Pop influence, the former a straight rocker, the latter having a similar swagger to Nightclubbing. Taste Of Our Flames sounds like a cross between one of Angelo Badalamenti’s more avant garde compositions and Tricky, contrasting Weatherall with a sweet female voice as they repeat the same lyric.

The album From The Double Gone Chapel resembles most closely is Death In Vegas' The Contino Sessions, to which this could be a scowling little brother; not as accomplished perhaps, but no less fucked-up and likely to stick a knife in you.



out of 10

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