Shit & Shine - 229-2299 Girls Against Shit

I love record shops. Always have done. Flicking through the racks trying to find that band you’ve been searching for since you heard them in session on John Peel in 1992. But it’s not that often I get the opportunity to visit them these days and when I do, they're pretty disappointing places. I’ve now accepted the fact that the bulk of my music now arrives in a little padded envelope.

So it’s like Christmas morning for me most days at TMF Towers. I run full pelt toward the post trolley to see what records are waiting for me. But it becomes frustrating when I know something is on its way to me but it just doesn’t arrive. I have been getting very excited about the new Shit & Shine album and deliberately avoided listening to any samples. I wanted to experience the album as a whole. So imagine my frustration as every day I rifled through the post to find it was absent.

Yet when it did finally arrive the reason for its delay became clear. This is a record of such weirdness that it disrupts any machinery in its vicinity; its chaotic tentacles reaching out and disrupting the laws of order in everything it touches. This explains why it had to be delivered by a St.Bernard especially trained for this occasion by listening exclusively to Captain Beefheart and fed on a diet of psychedelic Bufo Alvarius toads.

This is an extreme record. An all out assault on your ears. The first track ‘Have You Really Thought About Your Presentation’ comes in at 9 minutes takes no prisoners. It grabs you by the ankles and smashes you reputedly against the floor and ceiling with waves of relentless noise. The overbearing production is an instrument in itself, as pivotal to the sound as the guitar, drums or whatever other weapons the band are employing in making this disorientating auditory onslaught. Layer upon layer of distortion, amps filled to the brim with oxyacetylene and turned up to 11. The band sound as if they are playing whilst riding some chaotic version of the waltzers that could at any time spin off into oblivion.

Like the school bully who sometimes pretends to be your friend, only to suddenly turn on you Shit and Shine occasionally calm it down but lull you into a false sense of security. Then when your back is turned they leap upon you and pound your head into yet another wall of noise.

In such times of economic turmoil we can’t all afford our monthly visit to the dominatrix. But you’ve been good this month? Right? So punish yourself in the discomfort of your own home with a bit of Shit & Shine.



out of 10

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