Will Oldham - Seafarers Songs

Something of an oddity here, Will Oldham's Seafarers Music is an instrumental mini-album consisting of four tracks. It spawns from the documentary film, Seafarers, which charts the adventures of four sailors - a Swede, a Polynesian, a Croat and a Nigerian as they wait to go back to sea. They pass the time in the Port of Rotterdam, playing guitar, drinking and telling stories. Oldham has, to the delight of director Jason Misset, produced a theme for each of the sailors and that is what we have here.

It would be a lie to pretend that this will appeal to everyone. It's haunting, minimalist and rather melancholy, as befits it's subject. Each of the four pieces consists of rather slow, meandering acoustic guitar movements. The pieces don't so much progress, as sort of fold in on themselves and become almost circular tone poems with the signature progressions returning again and again. It's very different and very successful at what it sets out to do. Each piece flows on from the previous and the overall effect is quite hypnotic and evocative. It will leave you very keen to see the documentary itself.

Recommended if you fancy something mellow for those late nights. More information, and ordering details can be found here.



out of 10

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