Grip Inc. - Incorporated

Formed ten years ago by Slayer's drummer Dave Lombardo, May 2004 sees the release of this, their fourth album and whilst there's enough metal on here to satisfy fans of Slayer, albeit with a focus on Lombardo's drumming than the guitar playing of his previous band.

More than the rock guitar, though, is the spirit of punk across the album, not in the copped Eddie Cochran riffs of the Sex Pistols, nor the chaos of The Clash and The Damned but in the gutter rock of Motorhead. Singer Gus Chambers says as much with, "I am an old punk. I really do believe that when you are in a band...[there are] compelling social issues that need to be addressed." much for yer standard metal album and although the title of Man With NO Insides fits the bill, Chambers insists its the usual blow thrown by rock bands against manufactured pop. Elsewhere, Curse (Of The Cloth), Prophecy, Endowment Of Apathy, Blood Of Saints...all as you'd expect - strong metal songs, made all the better by Lombardo's drumming. Whilst Waldemar Sorychta's guitar is rarely pushed to the back and the overall effect is of a great production of a strong set of songs, Incorporated just doesn't come together sufficiently to lift it out of appealing only to the fans. That said, metal fans will doubtless think this a great album and whilst it's more accessible than Grip Inc.'s three previous albums, it still fails to include the hooks to take it away from the genre fans.



out of 10

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