Seafood - Good Reason

Seafood are a band who (despite having a multitude of both talent and absolutly classicly superb tunes) have never really made it to the "big time" when in reality they more than many who have made it deserve it more so.

The track Good Reason is from the new album As the cry flows, and while sounding typically Seafood it fails to give me ‘good reason’ to find it amazing. Which is certainly untypical of Seafood, but its not because its not a good song because it is, its just not what I would call ‘Seafood Standard’. For instance if this was on another bands album it would have a 90% chance of being the best track on the album, but having portions the latest album (As the cry flows) I feel it certainly wasn’t the best choice for the first single. Their pre-single downloadable track Summer Falls for instance is a much greater song in all aspects (and currently one of my favourite Seafood tracks full stop). However, considering the lead (David Line) had two serious lung operations and was still ill during the making of the video, despite this his voice is still as resounding as it was on Surviving the Quiet, Messenger in the Camp and When do we start fighting, his vocal talents are just yet another reason why I think Seafood are the best Rock/Indie band in the UK at the moment.
But as one of the lyrics on Good Reason goes: “Everybody hates the start of something new”, and new it certainly is, hated… well I wouldn’t go that far.
The B-Side of the single, has the track Confidence Trick, which is a return to mellowed out Seafood combined with almost eerie vocals from David, Confidence Trick is good enough to have been on the album if not the CD single version, but its inclusion on the 7” should spur enough interest to buy both formats of the single, and thus rocketing Seafood into the top 40 to get some half listened to airplay.

Overall, I had very high expectations for the first single from the first new album from them since 2002, the downloadable single got me wanting more, but this just leaves me thinking ‘Bring on the album’. Either way, its well worth a purchase as Seafood are a band well worth investing your ears in.



out of 10

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