Oceanlab - Satellite

As with another of this week's releases, Lasgo's Surrender, Satellite by Oceanlab is another few minutes of rich, blissful Eurodance with female vocals and that surge of music that rushes the song out of the verse and into the chorus. Whilst it will doubtless fit within the few minutes given to in when spun out of DJ booths, the Original Above & Beyond Remix gives Satellite more space and with a better-paced build, the song opens a little more, giving Justine Suissa's vocals a much better setting.

Better yet is the Orb-like Markus Schulz Coldharbour Mix (11m15s) in which the introduction to the song, even longer than on the Original Above & Beyond Remix and the ebb and flow of the rhythm gives Satellite a beautiful wide-open sound.

Saving the best on the single to the last, slow, sparse Floris De Haan Mix (4m30s) sets Suissa's voice against weary drums, quiet piano and chiming guitar, making it the best song This Mortal Coil never got around to recording for their third and final album, Blood.

Whilst a pity the Radio Edit is amongst the least impressive songs here, so long as you can get the Floris De Haan Mix, the purchase will be worth it.



out of 10

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