Thomas Truax - Songs From The Films of David Lynch

Best known for utilising a collection of homemade instruments and effects on his own material, Thomas Truax turns his attention to the ouvre of full-time surrealist and renaissance man David Lynch for album number four.

The importance of sound and music in Lynch's work was evident right back in the days of The Grandmother and Eraserhead, and Truax pulls material from those early projects ('In Heaven' famously covered by Pixies) to tracks from Twin Peaks and Lost Highway, either Lynch originals or iconic numbers by other artists. On occasion, some of the choices are a little tired (the world surely doesn't need another cover of 'Baby Please Don't Go') but overall he manages to pull together a pleasingly coherent collection.

Truax operates in the same musical universe as the likes of Tom Waits and Nick Cave with the emphasis on the spookier side of the delta blues. For all his previous more experimental excusions, 'In Heaven' is the one track where his workshop of weird musical mechanisms is brought to the fore and the album could have done with more of the sheer strangeness that they bring. Given that he seems to spend more time in his garage than behind the camera these days, Lynch would surely approve. He might also appreciate the album's one genuinely transcendent moment as Truax doubles the timing on 'Falling' leaving the listener fully expecting a rendition of the Crossroads theme tune.



out of 10

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