The Lovely Eggs - If You Were Fruit

The obvious “K” words don’t suffice here, sure you can call this band kooky or kitsch but, really, they are delightful. A bundle of joy comprising 14 off kilter tunes which emanate from a place you’d like to be. It isn’t ‘cool’ and you can’t dance to it but you could make plasticine animals and rice crispie cakes whilst singing along without a care in the world.

They sing not of cocaine and cheap sex, no, they sing of “mices” and of a gleeful love of birds (and other animals too) and they accompany these loopy ditties with a ramshackle arrangement of homemade and half cocked instruments including glockenspiel and bicycle bells. Often the effect is akin to Brian Wilson’s sandpit days, except that The Lovely Eggs are blissfully happy in the sandpit. Imagine Mo Tucker having a whole Velvets album to herself and you are on the right bus.

They are at their best when they are at their most simple and playful, with recent single Have you ever heard a digital accordion? a repetitive mantra worthy of any kindergarten nursery rhyme collection. I’m yet to be convinced that the intermittent explosions of Pixies style howling guitar are a good idea but they certainly keep the listener on their toes and prevent any feelings of cosy charm from lingering too long.

This album, along with the recent Boy Least Likely To release, seem to be heralding a zeitgeist in which we shall all revert back to the innocent joy of our childhood, be that imaginary or otherwise. Maybe this is a subconscious reaction to the hedonistic, consumerist culture which has led to the whole of the West teetering on the edge of financial and cultural oblivion? Probably not but, either way, you and I know that we don’t need to be fed tawdry baseless bullshit from flash cocks with hefty record contracts when real people can knock up fabulous music with little more than the contents of a Sunday school music box and an episode of Fingerbobs. Look, you might love it or you might hate it but you certainly won’t be sold short by it. So, how do you like them apples?



out of 10

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