Tahiti 80 - Extra Pieces Of Sunshine

Most musical genres of the 'now' age shamelessly act as hybrids of earlier genres, and if you are seeking warm sunny guitar music with an eighties synthesizer edge then look no further than Tahiti 80's career-defining sophomore album Wallpaper For The Soul, released mid-way through last year to impressive critical response despite very lukewarm sales. Proving that the ability to churn out perfectly crafted slices of pop unfiltered for the mainstream is close to effortless, frontman Xavier Boyer has given us a further eight songs for our consumption on the mid-priced EP Extra Pieces Of Sunshine.

As the songs featured on this new mini-album were tracks that didn't make it onto the final cut of Wallpaper For The Soul, it's fair to assume that they won't be as good as the songs that did make it onto the album. Whilst there are clearly no songs on display here as quality-driven as Get Yourself Together or Soul Deep, there is enough to elevate Extra Pieces Of Sunshine above the b-side assumption level. Opener Don't Misunderstand is almost token Tahiti-80 in its jingly-jangly guitar swirl, whereas Silently Walking could be taken from a mid-nineties brit-pop summer. Listen gives the impression of the band performing a song from The Cardigan's Life sessions, especially with its breezy "Show me where to start" chorus line.

Instrumental Antonelli isn't as arresting as the other songs on Extra Pieces Of Sunshine, but it clearly shows that the band under Boyer's leadership are more than willing to explore more experimental avenues. If Air and Mellow are signed up to do soundtracks by the Coppolas, you could argue that Tahiti 80 are the next step in a logical progression to be hired. Still, before you know it, this twenty-four minute anthology of songs is over, leaving you wanting more. Is it worth recommending? Fans of Tahiti 80 will have bought this the morning of release date, as it is essentially an extra 'half-an-album'. Newcomers looking for a good introduction will probably jump at the low price, of Extra Pieces Of Sunshine, even if they would be better advised to pay more and invest in Wallpaper For The Soul, as it will prove far more fruitful instantly. No matter, as Tahiti 80 are proving they are the masters of this neglected genre, and if they want to keep writing songs, there are people out there who will always listen.



out of 10

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