TMF talks to Metro Station's Mason Musso

Remember this date - the 30th March, and no that’s not when the world’s going to end, quite the opposite actually. For on this glorious day the nation’s wait will be over for the release of Metro Station, a self-titled debut album that has been guaranteed to quite possibly knock your little dance pop-y socks off. So naturally, after hearing this, I rushed to phone co-front man Mason Musso to see whether these claims of electro-dance revolution were true.

After talking to a lovely, but rather confused man who deals with events at the London Hotel, I eventually got through to Mr Musso’s (I should imagine) pretty impressive room. As he answered in a youthful West-Coast American accent I felt a hotness swarm my face, feeling a little relieved I must say, that my now beetroot-coloured skin wasn’t in his presence.

Following a few polite exchanges (including my phone number) we got down to the nitty gritty, discovering one of his reasons for the band’s being in Blighty’s capital right now, “we’ve got a gig in Camden tomorrow, I’m not really sure what the venue’s called but I’ve been to Camden a couple of times, and it’s a cool part of town”. I filled him in on the fact that he’s performing at Dingwalls, an intimate 487 seater in the heart of Landan Taaawn. Needless to say it’s a sold out gig, not surprising after their tour supporting Boys Like Girls was equally as popular, selling out across the board. Noting this, I then asked Mason the ‘Station’s reception in the UK, “I think we’re being pretty well-received, a lot of great dance bands have come from England”, listing the Clash as an unusual electro-inspiration, “I don’t really discriminate when it comes to music, anything that makes me tap my feet is dance music”. From Musso’s dictionary definition of dance then, Metro Station’s album definitely suits the genre, making you tap your foot like a drunken member of an Irish Jig. Good times.

It seems that not only the Clash have inspired the ‘Station, with power British bands such as Depeche Mode and Joy Division asserting some awesomeness over the group. “They’re all dark, but still dancey, I like that. They’re pretty rad”. And now, it seems West London indie newishcomers White Lies are making an impression, “I’m really digging that new ‘To Lose my Life’, White Lies. It’s pretty cool, they’re like Joy Division to an extent, but…no offence to Ian Curtis, but this guy’s got a way better voice”. Controversial Mr Musso, controversial.

From this extensive edgy influence then, you’d expect the boys’ album to have a darker flavour. Instead, what you get is a mixture of different tastes – a goody-bag of genres if you will. “We have darker songs and brighter pop-y songs…it just kinda stems all over really”, something most bands are scared to do in their debut, but not Metro Station. The result is an array of upbeat songs that would rival any Now87 compilation. This isn’t surprising though, when you realise that all of the band, yes, all, have some input into the writing and recording of each track. Metro Station’s favourite of which, is ‘Seventeen Forever’, the first song the boys sat down and wrote together, “it really kinda set a fire under us to continue making the music and really finding our sound too”. A sound that will make you hum more times than a Dyson Hoover on lino.

The people we really have to thank for the existence of Metro Station though are the mothers of Trace and Mason, who hooked the two talented lads up on the set of Hannah Montana. Why there? You ask, well, Trace’s half sis is non-other than pop starlet Miley Cyrus, and Mason’s brother also features on the show. “If it wasn’t for the chemistry Trace and I have, ya know, Metro Station wouldn’t be where it was today”, well thank goodness for famous siblings and mums then.

If you want to find out more about Metro Station, check out their site at where you can get factoids about their lives and up and coming gigs.

Their single ‘Shake It’ is out on the 23rd of March, and their album is out on the 30th.

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