Septembre - Rule 3: Conceal Your Attentions

No matter the gothic look on the front of the CD - foolishness isn't particular as to who it afflicts and every family has one member of its extended population for whom Kohl eye makeup holds a strong attraction - this, like last year's Muse album, sees great rock come out of the most unlikely of sources.

Ross Robinson, producer of Septembre and the man who brought Slipknot to church to let them experience exactly what it was they were rebelling against, was also behind Terry Abbott's previous band, Vex Red, after they sent him a demo tape in a Kerrang! competition. After an album, a support slot with Bush and the dropping of Robinson's label by Virgin, Abbott left Vex Red and formed Septembre with drummer Sammy-Lee Tomlinson and bassist Jimm Lee. This EP, Rule 3: Conceal Your Attentions, is their debut release, again produced by Robinson but now on Sugarshack records.

First thing that's noticed about Rule 3: Conceal Your Attentions is that the sound of the four songs, just the quality of the recordings, is terrific. After having listened to whining, strummed indie for the last few months, the immediate crackle of rock just leaps out of the first few seconds of the EP's opening song, I Am Weightless. Immediately after, the impression is of ambition, music that lets its emotion creep subtly in and the sheer range of the music, jumping from acoustic passages to rock and finally to stuttering guitars that flow into and over one another. Never as clumsy or as obvious as grunge or metal, Septembre are closer to the spiraling sound and drive of early Jane's Addiction, lettings shards of rock fall into I Am Weightless, giving Always a warm, ragged sound before acoustic and electric rock jostle in (Face).

Providing that Septembre continue in this manner, their debut could be as great a studio debut as Nothing's Shocking was, mixing glam guitar with the crunch of rock but taking the sound into something that stands apart from its peers.



out of 10

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