JC Chasez - Some Girls/Blowing Me Up

It goes so badly wrong from the start but, given that Justin Timberlake got out of *NSYNC first, the same could be said of JC Chasez's career, which began by peering out from around Timberlake's frizzy head in the US boy band.

Boy bands, girl bands, whatever...they rarely let more than one veteran of the shopping mall circuit and Smash Hits tours survive the endurance test of a solo career. No matter the best of his efforts, Gary Barlow grunted around the solo stage where Robbie Williams glided, Ronan Keating got out of Boyzone to sell to blokes who drive Rovers whilst the others wonder why he doesn't return their calls.

As for JC Chasez, he'll find it hard to compete with Timberlake, who came out of *NSYNC having hopped out of Britney's bed, secured writing credits with Timbaland and tailed Xtina behind him with the offer of a support slot. JC Chasez? Uh, he's got a rap from The Wu-Tang Clan's Ol' Dirty Bastard who's fallen a long from Enter The 36 Chambers but is unlikely to have twelve- and thirteen-year-old girls filling in rude words with felt-tip pens.

Lead song on this CD, Some Girls (Dance With Women) blunts ODB's rap with a radio edit but flip-side Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love) is much better, despite JC's dribble of a vocal. Hiring all the right producers has ensure JC's been handed a decent debut single but he doesn't seem up to the material, sounding lost around the beats whereas Timberlake wears his songs with ease, keeping JC tailing his one-time colleague.



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