Art Brut - Art Brut vs Satan

Art Brut are to Sham 69 what The Darkness were to Queen. Ok, time to take a headcount as I’m guessing that a fair proportion of the population will have already stopped reading this, having learned all they needed to know about Eddie Argos and his lo-fi take on modern life. Like the Television Personalities who came before them, there’s a fair degree of humour to the content but it really stands up to very little scrutiny and the Argos persona begins to wear thin after just a couple of songs. It is remarkably mundane fare and has more than a whiff of the 6th form common room to it, which is a little tragic considering that Eddie is a grown man of 28. Songs about getting really drunk and having to work the next day (titter) or the appeal of chocolate milkshake are, I’m afraid, excruciatingly embarrassing to listen to.

The fact that he’s managed to draft in Frank Black to oversee proceedings is relatively interesting as it suggest either dreadful misjudgement upon the part of Frank or some degree of quality which I’ve been unable to identify in Art Brut. Certainly the hand of Frank transforms the punk-by-numbers soundtrack into something approaching respectability and there’s no denying that there’s some saving grace in the Pixies-lite production, as there is in Demons out which rallies against the record buying public and their failure to recognise the genius of his records. Perhaps in an alternate universe there are hordes of people queuing to buy records by a parody of Vivian from the Young Ones, but not in this world.

Let’s cut to the chase - If the general public are Satan then I’m Pontius Pilate and Art Brut are on the road to Music Fix Calvary.



out of 10

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