The Rasmus - In The Shadows

Formed in Helsinki in 1995 by four school kids, The Rasmus had their first hit whilst most of the band members were only sixteen but so far, no doubt due to the fairly insular attitudes across Europe, success outside Finland has eluded them. That hasn't stopped success inside their native country, which has seen them awarded with the local equivalent of a Brit award and of Single Of The Year awards. With last year's Dead Letters having been met with success outside of Finland, The Rasmus are pushing into the UK and the English-speaking market they've always aimed for.

Despite The Rasmus' attempt to realise success in the UK, In The Shadows remains sounding distinctly Scandinavian, much like the clean rock/pop of Sweden's The Cardigans but without such a clear sense of direction. From Emmerdale onwards, The Cardigans have always made it perfectly clear in which direction their music was going but In The Shadows offers a little lightweight rock, some pop that has little to do with what it would hope to surround it in the charts and is no more edgy than, say, Robbie Williams.

Instead of risk, The Rasmus have played this safe and have turned away from making something they would have been remembered for. Instead, based on the quality of this single, they're not likely to be remembered at all.



out of 10

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