Michelle McManus - The Meaning Of Love

It's got that kind of title...The Meaning Of Love. Were you ever in such a mood as to try and predict the title of a song recorded by a Pop Idol winner, The Meaning Of Love would be right up there with Say You'll Still Be There, Lovin' You Tonight and Feeling Love (When I'm Here With You) in much the same way that Give It To Me Anally, Slap It On Him and Uzi Lover never will be.

The review of the Michelle McManus album should have said everything that needed to be said about her but following on from that release, she's released The Meaning Of Love as a single. Of course, I'm sure 'she' had nothing to do with it, as Simon Fuller doubtless allows his acts no more freedom than to breathe, use the loo and have the occasional original thought, if even that. As it is, this is a so-so track that goes nowhere, has little presence and makes this listener feel, well, absolutely nothing at all. Of course, Michelle has a great voice but there's nowt else going on leaving only months until 2004's winner moves in on her place in the affections of 19 Management's barely-beating heart.



out of 10

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