The Priscillas - Gonna Rip Up Your Photograph

The Priscillas are garage punk with a sense of humour. A mischievous blend of punk, pop, attitude and fun mixed up with a sort of 60's innocence. It's nothing new, but, on the other hand, it's refreshing and captures their live appeal nicely.

Guitars are what The Priscillas are really all about and producer Ed Deegan (Holly Golightly) has brought out the fuzz and buzz of guitar and bass that's the solid backbone behind the pop sensibilities they wear on their sleeve and hammered down by Mavis's ample drumming charms. Treachery showcases this, beginning with a fine Pistols-esque opening before building to a multi-layered pop effort complete with harmonies and lashings of attitude. Just try not to grin as Jen sneers "You seem to think you're so highly regarded/Well I'm sorry to inform you, we think you're retarded". You can't, it's impossible.

Gonna Rip Up Your Photograph is a fun, bouncy ode to the single life, with a kinetic, buzzing stop-start riff and great harmonies.Brain Surgeon is more of the same with a lovely scream about half way through. Should Be Me is especially notable, for it's here you realise what a fine voice Jen has. It's warm and has oodles of personality. Production, on the whole, is clean and loud, and, as stated, those guitars come through amazingly well, and that’s the most important part. The other important part, the songs themselves, are catchy, well written and fun and stick with you after a few listens.

Comparisons to the Shangri-Las and The Ramones are spot on, but with a huge dose of fun injected. Come on, it's 60's garage punk/pop played by four girls with massive boots and hair styles that are matched only by their attitude. They look like extras from Barbarella and sound like the band you'd have wanted to be in when you were thirteen. What's not to like? They're F.A.B! The Demo should be available from their website soon, we imagine, and if it's not, why not email them and hassle them. They'd sure be pleased to hear from y'all.

Photograph taken by Jon Kane.



out of 10

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