Ella Edmondson - Hold Your Horses

Many of you will probably not have heard of Ella Edmondson before but that’s all about to change with the release of her debut album 'Hold Your Horses.' You will however have heard of her parents: Adrian Edmondson and Jennifer Saunders, two of the greatest comedians of their generation. It was her Dad that encouraged Ella to play music, he bought her first guitar for her when she was 14, and this enthusiasm continues today. He has played a big part in setting up the label that Ella’s debut is released on, Monsoon, named after her mother's character in Absolutely Fabulous.

Produced by folk veteran Andy Seward, 'Hold Your Horses' is a work that has been a long time in the making; some of the tracks have been part of Ella’s live canon for years and as such have had their shape cut on the gig circuit. It’s clear from the first listen that this is a mature work delivered with class, it’s very well produced and the songs are very well performed.

Ella has an incredibly strong voice that for me conjures up similarities with Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, powerful but at times delicate and wistful. The album opens with one of its strongest tracks 'Hold Your Horses', a catchy song complete with a chorus full of pop hooks that will devote you to her cause instantly. Following this with the gentle soul of 'Sing For You' and 'Open Fire' demonstrates the flexibility of Ella’s music and her understanding of the song writing craft.

'Breathe' was recorded for her mother's BBC programme 'Jam & Jerusalem' receiving airplay attention from Steve Lamaq among others. It breezes out of the speakers in an almost effortless manner and is a definite highlight of the album. With 'Fold' Ella once again examples her ability to write quiet folk music with a strong melody line that drags you into the track and has you pressing the repeat button. 'Hunger' is all energy, with its driving rhythm building to a chorus that lifts the song up and takes you with it. The truth is that nothing here feels like a filler or a throwaway track, in fact it’s clear each song has been well written and lovingly developed into the finished articles that you find on this album.

All in all 'Hold Your Horses' is an accomplished album that I liked far more than I could have originally thought. It’s happy, it’s sad, it has big pop laden choruses and it’s also low key and unassuming. More importantly it’s well worth a listen, folk music fan or not. Plus if you don’t go and buy it Vyvyan Basterd and Eddie Hitler might just come looking for you.



out of 10

Last updated: 04/06/2018 23:50:33

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