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Love in an Elevator

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed how she was traumatised when Courtney Love was beastly to her in an elevator.
Although Courtney and Gwyneth are now close friends, the 'Iron Man' actress admits she was left "devastated" by their first meeting 10 years ago.

Gwyneth said: "We were in an elevator and she was really horrible to me. And I was the biggest Hole fan of all time. I was devastated.

"When she got sober, she contacted me and was like, 'I feel like I missed an opportunity with you'. Then we just started texting and talking and now when she's here in London she comes round. When we're in Los Angeles we have dinner."

A heart rending tale and also a note of caution as you could be the next to be savaged by Courtney as she's planning to move to Britain with 16 year old daughter Frances Bean. She is said to favour Bucking-ham-shire and will undoubtedly fit right in with the neighbours. I'm sure that she makes a mean nettle wine and lemon drizzle cake.

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