The Hellacopters - Cream Of The Crap - Volume 2

Stonking Swedish rockers The Hellacopters have been amazingly prolific since their formation in ’94 and yet somehow they haven’t broken properly here in the UK. Well, at least not compared to fellow Scandinavians such as The Hives or The Raveonettes. This is a major musical pity, as The Hellacopters were churning out high-action rock and roll whilst the musical population were still obsessed with all things grunge. You fully sense just how many recordings a band have released when they throw out into the market a collection of rarities and b-sides to form an album, and yet The Hellacopters are already onto volume two! Titled, simply enough, Cream Of The Crap – Volume 2, we are fortunate enough to be graced with an abundance of cream and, more importantly, very little crap.

It doesn’t matter where the tracks are culled from, or how rare they are, but what does matter is the question of whether they can hold their own against each other to warrant a purchase, and the answer is a resolute yes. Even if you have never owned a Hellacopters record, Cream Of The Crap - Volume 2 is a pulsating introduction, and will make you wonder how good the quality of their albums are if these are the songs they could leave behind. Opening sprightly enough with the brief I Only Got The Shakes, proper rock riffing is in play by the second track, an inspired cover of Arthur Lee’s A House Is Not A Motel, complete with overdone lead guitar. If that isn’t enough, third track Geekstreak is so good you find it hard to work out how it never became a standout of any of their albums. Before you know it, you’ve pulverised your way through twenty-two tracks, finishing with a fine cover of Sabbath’s Dirty Women. Forget The Hives, one listen to Cream Of The Crap – Volume 2 and The Hellacopters will be your new favourite band, especially when you hear through the grapevine that Volume 3 might even be on the way.



out of 10

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