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Propagandhi: donate to charity and hear new tunes

Propagandhi are offering fans to hear two tracks from their forthcoming album Supporting Caste once a donation has been made to a chosen charity:

OK wieners, we’ve decided to try something different this time around. Before some dumb-ass dickweed leaks our new album all over the ‘net at some obscenely-low bitrate with the song titles mixed up and our band name spelled wrong, we’re gonna throw you a sweet, sweet (human) bone in the form of two wicked new songs (Supporting Caste and Human(e) Meat) from our rad new record while simultaneously trying to scrounge some spare change for a handful of organizations whose efforts in some way reflect our values.

Donors can choose to pay between $1 ("cheapskate") and $10 ("fucking champ") with the nominated charities being the Sea Shepherd Conservation Charity, Partners In Health and Peta2.


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