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After the phenomenal success of their 'Greatest Hits' and 'Safe As Fuck' albums, Welsh rap wonder boys Goldie Lookin Chain are proud to announce the release of their brand new album 'Asbo4Life' on April 6th through 1983 recordings. The single 'By Any Means Necessary' will be released on March 16th.

Having spent two years in self imposed exile, during which not even illness and a near death experience could slow down the creative whirlwind that was going on behind the doors of the residential equivalent of Abbey Road, in 2009, the band are finally ready to unleash 'Asbo4Life' on the suspecting masses. During the making of 'Asbo4Life', samples were replaced with real instruments, scribbled lyrics became word documents, and at one point the band even worked towards creating the ultimate male voice choir.

Tracks like 'Everybody is a DJ' will make you want to turn your car stereo up so loud, that it will be a pleasure to blow your windscreen out as you cruise down to the local shop to buy some cans or bread. 'Mister Fahrenheit' is so rock n roll that on test listens people claimed to have been physically touched by the spirit of Freddie Mercury. The band even managed to get Super Furry Animals legend Gruff Rhys to sing on this track, and sing on it he did; like an angel with a beard and a penchant for psychedelia, being egged on by a load of men in tracksuits. 'Welcome to Germany' will bring the euphoria of the 2006 World Cup rolling into the hearts and minds of the entire country faster than Fat Les could say Vindaloo (fair enough, it may be three years out of date, but that's three years more of glorious emotion to bask in). And if first single 'By Any Means Necessary's contagious beats and chorus don't infect your mind to the point of you singing it until your eyes bleed, then you're probably dead, or Tony Hart, who is also dead, but sadly missed.

As Eggsy says: "Not so long ago, you used to be able to go into Woolies with a tenner and come out with a stereo and twelve bags of pick n mix. Nowadays a tenner won¹t even get you a bus into town and back. And when you get there, there's not even a bloody Woolies to go to. People don't want to go out to pubs, and culturally, everyone's gone in hibernation. 'Asbo4Life' is our remedy to the general malaise. Chuck it on, have your mates round, and tear your kitchen up. GLC is bringing the house party back, and leaving everything else behind. Who needs to worry about tomorrow, if you can get 'Asbo4Life' today.

Full track listing:
1. Mr Fahrenheit
2. Everybody is a DJ
3. Disguise
4. By Any Means Necessary
5. Welcome to Germany
6. Apathy
7. 3D Superwoofer
8. Nothing Ever Happens Round Here
9. Space Police
10. Rollin'
11. Strobe Lights
12. Unemployed And Overdrawn
13. Garlic Bread
14. New Day

Goldie Lookin Chain are set to bring 'Asbo4Life' to life on their UK tour, which is taking place from Feb 27th until March 30th. Tickets are £10 (plus booking fee) and on sale now.

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