Alicia Keys - If I Ain't Got You

No question, Alicia Keys is soul's brightest hope for the future, able to sit alongside hip-hop, classic soul and rock as easily as she picks out delicately rootsy songs on her piano keyboard, songs like those across her wonderful second album, The Diary Of... Acclaimed wherever the album was reviewed, Keys's second album was amongst the best released last year and this ballad, rolling between Keys' piano, Steve Jordan's drums and the horns - if not lifted from, then certainly played in honour of Isaac Hayes' classic seventies soul - was one of the best songs on that album.

Sounding easy going but with the tension of the city, Alicia Keys gets better every time I hear something by her and even the reggae version of You Don't Know My Name that backs this single, despite it having lost most of what made the original song great, still has a charm to it.



out of 10

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