Iron Maiden - No More Lies

They're still going? Given the number of times their logo appeared sewn onto denim jackets, I would have expected Iron Maiden to have sold as many patches as they ever did records but with this EP being, in the words of the press release, a 'special thank you to all our fans in celebration of an amazing year', it looks like Eddie will have to be dusted off, have his dents fixed with Polyfilla and shoved into the back of the touring trucks in expectation of yet another world tour, despite Iron Maiden having just finished their Dance Of Death tour.

Having to describe Iron Maiden's sound ought to be as necessary as trying to do it for Status Quo - for as long as I can remember, both bands have simply always been there. Just in case your metal year zero dates from Appetite For Destruction, however, Iron Maiden have a sound dating from the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM, as it became known) that was struck between the thumpingly heavy sound of Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and the speed thrills of Metallica and Megadeth. In metal terms, that means it's a bit faster than Sabbath but not as fast as Metallica...but several gears, an engine and a nitrous oxide boost from Napalm Death and Slayer. Lyrically, it's the same old nonsense that Iron Maiden have resolutely stuck to for decades but, by this time, they're hardly out to convert many new fans so long as the old ones can still button up their shrink-to-fit black jeans.

Released on both CD and DVD-A, No More Lies has just over 30minutes of music including the title track, remixes of Journeyman and Paschendale and a live video of the title track taken from the Dance Of Death tour.



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