Girl Talk - Feed The Animals

You can, if you want, see this album as a glorified Jive Bunny, a Stars on 45 for a generation too distracted to listen to a whole song, never mind an entire album. Cut and paste 300 of the best riffs from 70s cheese and 90s alt-rock with some rap and seamlessly edit them into an funky Where's Wally?, an audio treasure hunt where the listener spends half the time shaking their bootie and the other trying to ID the clip.

You can do that if you want. Feel free.

Or you can just take it for what it is: a fucking killer party disc. Throw it on the decks and give yourself some time to seriously hit on the bored looking cutie currently contemplating the Twiglets and Mini Cheddars that you hope pass for a smorgasbord. From a cooler, calmer perspective (almost certainly the next morning) you could say that rather than reach the true headfuck of a great mash-up, Greg Gillis (aka Mr Girl Talk) relies too much on just sticking raps on top of riffs, but when it's this much fun, who cares? I mean, in what other context could someone persuade you that picking up the first Big Country album might actually be a good move?

When we get round to musing upon the rainbow of colours that made up music in 2008, the day-glo of pop shines out. Feed The Animals will put a smile on your face. This is pop.



out of 10

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