Katy Perry - One Of The Boys

US singer Katy Perry seems to have conquered the nation's airwaves recently with her cheeky track "I kissed a girl" blasting out from radios everywhere you go!
The number one single is a decent ad for the album as all the songs on offer on Katy's debut are of a similar standard.
Album opener "One of the boys" sets the tone for most of the collection with it's radio friendly Pop Punk soaring chorus making it a suitable candidate for chart topper number two!
There are plenty of other potential singles to cherry pick though, especially "Hot and cold", one of the best tracks on offer as it's a lively Electro stomper with a huge chorus.
Katy's song "Ur so gay" is another stand out track on the collection. It was the song that brought her to the US's attention, via an endorsement from Madonna.
It's a tounge in cheek vitriolic attack on an ex boyfriend that sees Katy sounding like a twisted version of Natasha Bedingfield with it's crowning moment the spat out "Penis" at the end of the song!
Alongside the rowdier tunes available for your listening pleasure there are a couple of slower moments, with the acoustic strummings of "Lost" and the keyboard led "I'm still breathing" guaranteed to see lighters or mobile phones held up in the air at Katy's shows!
The album is littered with songs with catchy hooks co written with numerous industry big wigs, including Cathy Dennis, Eurythmic Dave Stewart and Max Martin who's previously worked with Britney, Pink and Kelly Clarkson amongst others.
It may not be original, following along the same well walked paths as Kelly, Miley, Ashlee, The Veronicas etc but it's still a lot of fun, making it one of the best Pop albums of the year so far.



out of 10

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