Thomas Tantrum

Thomas Tantrum's self titled album is an impressive debut, filled with sharp shouty songs. The Southampton four piece are led by Megan Thomas with a "little girl lost" vocal delivery, reminiscent of post-punk bands like Fatal Microbes, Altered Images and Bow Wow Wow.

Album opener "Rage Against The Tantrum" pulls its opening lyrics from "Bugsy Malone" with tribal drumming leading the song towards its hypnotic chorus of "We Won't Go Changing Much More", delivering one of the best tracks on the collection.

The album contains several other highlights, including current single "Work It", Tantrum classic "Shake It! Shake It!" and "Why The English Are Rubbish", one of many tracks that feature aggressive guitar riffs that owe a debt to Pixies. The album certainly doesn't outstay it's welcome clocking in at just over thirty five minutes, going out on a high with final track "Pshandy" with its cry of "Stop stop stop stop" leading to a glorious crashing climax.

Thomas Tantrum's debut is a fun ride, with the majority of songs on offer bouncy, fun affairs. At times Megan is in danger of precariously drifting into the realms of sounding like a feet-stamping young child but she stays the right side of annoying so I'm sure I'll be returning to the collection on numerous occasions.



out of 10

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