Nightmares on Wax - thought so...

Nightmares on Wax's sixth album, thought so was conceived on a road trip from Leeds to Ibiza, where main man, George Evelyn, now lives.

There aren't many surprises here for those who've been buying downtempo albums for the past fifteen years or so. Nevertheless, NOW wring some decent tunes out of the formula. The electro-reggae of 195lbs has that Groove Armada feel; catchy and good for a sunny day, yet rather lacking in identity. Calling counts for something of an epic at eight minutes long. Settling into a deep groove, tinged with jazz and eastern vibes, one wouldn't be surprised if it was designed to be accompanied by a bit of the herb. While some listeners (I include myself) will savour its road trip inspired leisureliness, others will be wishing he'd taken the plane instead.

Elsewhere, tracks mainly skip between reggae, funk and soul. Da feelin, be there and bringin it are all breezy enough to briefly liven up a gathering, at least until those kids wanting a bit of Basshunter hijack the stereo. Thought so is light, slight and unlikely to have much appeal beyond the end of the summer. Maybe Evelyn lives in Ibiza time, but here it certainly feels all of the end of August.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 22:26:23

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