Daddy Long Legs - Bunfight

Music is fun, say Daddy Long Legs, and you'll find no argument here. Formed in the summer of 2003 and already veterans of two demos; Bunfight is the second. It's difficult to say if there's been any progression, but, hey, it's probably too early to say, as Daddy Long Legs seem to be just finding their legs.

First song, Turbo Nige is a strange affair. Chugging guitars that break into a reggae riff just when you least expect it and this is not unwelcome in the least. Apart from this little twist, it's decidedly average, though. Tummy Ache follows, which is a neat little ode to the pain of the tummy ache that we all know and hate. A cleaner, almost funky feel to this one and the whole thing is rounded off by Meansucker which combines a heavy, chug along riff with a sort of surf beat chorus. There's even a neat little bonus track, which appears to have no name, but is a pretty little slide guitar thing that adds immensely to the impression they leave.

It's difficult to know what to make of them, really. There's definitely potential there. The songs are instantly catchy, and have a sort of instant pop sensibility to them but with more intelligent lyrics than the average pop song. Not clever lyrics, you understand, but funny and interesting ones. Listen to Turbo Nige, which is a about a visit to a teenage drinking haunt it seems, "I never wanted to/go out drinking with you/get punched or stabbed with you/or eat kebabs with you." You get the idea. Influences seem varied, there's snatches of The Police and UB40 it seems, and that's not a bad set of influences to have. They sound like they'd be great fun live. They play the Dublin Castle on the 18th march, and you can find their website here.



out of 10

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