Latitude Festival - Day Three - Southwold, Suffolk

The first stop of my final day at Latitude was to the Uncut Arena to watch Noah And The Whale. I had wanted to see them based on the strength of the single Five Years Time and in the hope that Laura Marling would have a guest slot. Sadly she wasn’t there, but their gloriously twee music won me over. I always like bands who try something different live and after watching them synchronise whistle to Five Years Time, I realised that I just had to buy their album when it comes out. Latitude has worked out so expensive for me on that front…

It was then time for my final trip to the Obelisk Arena to catch Foals' set and I ended up catching the end of Nada Surf. Despite how long they’ve been going, I’ve never heard of any of their music and their set did little to win me over. However I had to respect any band that got a (mainly) middle class audience shouting back ‘F*** It’ at them during one of their final songs.

You could tell after their first song, The French Open, that Foals weren’t in the best of form which they explained was because they had just returned from Spain having been arrested. Despite this their hit singles Cassius and Balloons were strongly performed and got the majority of the crowd moving. However Foals are the kind of band I wouldn’t pay to see at their own gig which is why I saw them at Latitude, and I can’t really say I have any desire to see them again.

After the slight disappointment of Foals, it was back to the Uncut Arena to watch Glasvegas. Now when I last saw them, they were bottled on stage by angry Wombats fans and, at the time, I just thought that it was because they are completely different genres of music. However after standing through their set, it probably is because they really are extremely moody live and just don’t seem to enjoy what they’re doing. Don’t get me wrong though, they are great at what they do and Daddy’s Gone was my favourite track of last year. However when a band states during their set that other places are better such as Spanish festivals, it hardly warms you to them.

So after that I again needed a bit of an enjoyment pick up and I don’t think I could have got a better one. In fact it was like someone had force fed me a tub of pro plus and a crate of red bull. Yes Blondie was that good. It was lucky I got there early as by the time they had started, the Uncut Arena was packed out and spilling onto the field outside. People were there just to hear Deborah Harry, let alone care if they saw her in the flesh. It has since led to debate about why Blondie were only on the second stage (let alone the fact why they weren’t headlining) but I feel it just made it even more amazing to see it inside, instead of in the great expanse of the main stage.

The hour long set was filled with all the classics like Heart Of Glass, Atomic, Call Me and One Way Or Another. All of these induced mass hysteria sing-alongs from the crowd which must have been heard all across Suffolk. My personal highlight of the entire set was singing along at the top of my voice like the manly man I am to The Tide Is High and especially the ‘Oh No’ refrains. So Ms. Harry might not have the moves that she once had but she has still got the voice and what a powerful voice it is. Simply an awesome experience and I’d go as far as saying it was worth the entire £130 ticket price. I just felt sorry for Tindersticks as basically the whole tent, myself included, vacated the tent after not getting the encore we craved.

And so my experience of Latitude was over but only for this year. When a festival can serve up as varied a music line up as Latitude does with added comedy and multi coloured sheep, it’s impossible not to fall in love with it and want to go again straightaway. So I’ll meet everyone by the Pimms bus next year then?

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