Latitude Festival - Day Two - Southwold, Suffolk

So it was onto Saturday and a long stay in the comedy tent just to see Bill Bailey meant that my musical goodness didn’t start until late afternoon. But luckily the physical form of that goodness happened to be The Little Ones in the Sunrise Arena. I fell in love with the band when I saw them at Leeds festival last year, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen a band so happy to be on stage performing than them and it always makes me happy. Even better for me was that they performed songs from their debut EP Sing Song rather than their upcoming album Morning Tide. This meant I was able to sing along and bask in their wonderfully upbeat nature. Though, to be honest, they could have read from the dictionary and I still would have come out as happy as a child with a lifetime supply of Haribo.

Nothing really grabbed my attention from the line up for the rest of the day, so I ended up wandering from stage to stage hoping to discover a new-found obsession. While they may not be the next obsession, The Fairey Band were certainly one of the most interesting things I saw all weekend and I saw miming zombies! This band performs brass versions of acid house classics which merge to create a musical genre of acid brass. Along with an extremely over-excited conductor, they performed a really entertaining set and the appearance of a klaxon just confirmed their place as one of my favourite acts of the weekend.

My Saturday was ended watching parts of both the Guillemots set in the Uncut Arena and Sigur Ros’ headline set on the Obelisk Arena. I’ve not really listened to much of these bands so am not going to comment on them much as I like knowing songs before I see them live as I generally find I enjoy it more. Guillemots did have a good anecdote on why they put stickers for their new single Don’t Look Down around the festival toilets, and anyone who’s been to a festival will know why! I also managed to catch the well known songs from Sigur Ros like Hoppipolla which were extremely pretty to listen to but I can’t see myself wanting to listen to the whole albums.

It was after this brief stop to the main stage that I came across the miming zombies near the Cabaret Arena. And I can tell you that they are not the kind of thing you want to stumble across when drunk…

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