Latitude Festival - Day One - Southwold, Suffolk

Now in its third year, Latitude festival is generally considered to be one of the most middle class festivals around. Now don’t take this as me saying I’m middle class (I’m really not just for the record), it’s just that clearly middle class people must have the same musical tastes as me! It’s also considered to be one of the most eclectic festivals around and within minutes of me stepping into the arena, I saw multi coloured sheep, helpers dressed as fairies and a double decker Pimms bus. Eclectic doesn’t quite cover it…

On my first day I decided to just wander around for a while and see what musical treats were being served up to me and I came across one on the Sunrise Arena in Broken Records. This Edinburgh bunch has only been around since December 2006 and already they have been touted as the next Arcade Fire which may be on its way to becoming true. Utilising a mix of instruments including, but not limited to, cellos, mandolins and violins, they create a sound which is hard to describe but there’s definitely some folk in there. The biggest reaction was saved for their single If The News Makes You Sad, Don’t Watch It and they definitely moved onto my ones-to-watch list come the end of their half hour set.

After spending some time in the Comedy Arena, it was off to see Black Kids on the second biggest stage of the festival, the Uncut Arena. I’ve already waxed lyrical about how much I like the band in my album review, and was relieved not to be disappointed by them live. While they weren’t exactly the most exciting live band I’ve seen, they performed tracks from their album Partie Traumatic solidly and induced mass sing-alongs with each of their singles. Bizarrely they chose to end on an album track after playing their biggest hit I’m Not Gonna Teach… which led to their set ended with a whimper instead of a synth-filled bang.

It was then back to the Sunrise for Natty, the single coolest guy around in music currently in my opinion. The happy atmosphere was set straight from the start as he described how he loved the fact he came to a gig on a boat, and it didn’t let up from there. He performed songs from his upcoming album all to an enthralled audience but unfortunately didn’t play my favourite song of his, Say Bye Bye. An order to cut his set short didn’t even stop the fun as he just played on for one more, much to the annoyance of the officials behind stage but even they couldn’t stay mad in the face of such mellow and cool reggae.

After a much needed food stop, I then made my first trip to the main Obelisk Arena to see Franz Ferdinand who were the whole reason for me wanting to go to the festival. I basically had a near-death experience when I saw them last, so it could have been that I wanted to exorcise those ghosts, or it was because I think they are a great band. It was obviously the latter and they succeeded my expectations. I honestly don’t think that I’ve seen anything as fun on stage as watching the whole band play the drums maniacally at the end of Outsiders.

Their set was wonderfully constructed with every new song, of which they performed four, followed by one of their classics like Take Me Out and Do You Want To? Sadly the early appearance of the former led to a lot of the crowd disappearing around the front, but luckily it didn’t dampen the atmosphere that much and mass sing-alongs greeted the majority of the known songs. Not even the appearance of rain towards the end of the set could ruin the atmosphere. Ah, the wonderful British summer…

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