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Deerhoof manage to 'Offend Maggie'

New album arrives on 6 October. Download sheet music now for the new single! Those kids and their crazy ways. They'll be the death - the death! - of me I say!

We copy this courtesy of their lovely, lovely press lady:

Sure, the press has made much of their audacity and originality. But let's face it - the truth about Deerhoof is that people actually like listening to them. A lot. There's something uniquely charming about their songcraft, and something magic about their playing, that fills a need no other band can fill.

Ultimately Deerhoof is not about notes and rhythms, but about emotion. And while Offend Maggie sparkles with that inimitable something-or-other for which the band's become known, what this record wears on its sleeve so boldly and poignantly, is its stark humanness: of the characters in the lyrics, of the singer in front of the mic, of the band bashing it out in a room together.

Like its cover art Offend Maggie is half-naked, creating tension through negative space. Fans around the globe who've seen how powerfully they play on stage will recognize the Deerhoof they hear on Offend Maggie: all fingers and arms and throats and muscles, physical, at times beautiful, at times brutal. Another way of putting it is that Deerhoof sounds more like "themselves" than they ever have. Satomi's calligraphic vocal style has never been rendered with greater elegance. And the "group instinct" of this well-tuned performing unit is palpable right from the first bar. This de-mechanized dance music of theirs remains wild, intense, and fiercely anti-authoritarian. For them, punk's DIY ethic has always gone beyond a fad or convenience. It's a career-spanning philosophy of making something from nothing. It's inspiring as much as it's inspired.

Deerhoof has that Brian Wilsonian gift for communicating, even with the barest of rock and roll provisions, every shading of their lyrics. On Offend Maggie a friction between tragic and comic, masculine and feminine, is played out in spectacularly dramatic fashion. This famously cheerful band can certainly summon the thunderclouds when needed. Like the traditional enka music of Japan that Satomi counts among her childhood influences, these songs are often haunted by heartbreak and frustration, but at the same time they're universal, and meant to give courage to the listener.

Released in the form of sheet music, "Fresh Born" is the first single from Deerhoof's new record, Offend Maggie. Fans (or foes, or perfect strangers) can now download the score, record the song and share their mp3s with others on

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