Kraftwerk - Aerodynamik

For years, following the release of Electric Cafe in 1986 and before the release of last year's Tour de France Soundtracks, Kraftwerk's legend grew through years of silence and a mythical reputation focused around the band's Kling Klang studio. Despite the stories of life inside Kraftwerk that were made public following Karl Bartos and Wolfgang Flür's split from Kraftwerk and the remaining members of the band, Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider, real knowledge about Kraftwerk remained out of the reach of the public. Not even 1991's remix album nor the slight Expo 2000 single from 1999 could dent the Kraftwerk legend for millions who still cherish the promise of the future held within the sound of Autobahn, Trans-Europe Express and Computer World.

With this single, Kraftwerk's sound, despite the obvious technical updates from Moog synthesisers to ProTools, remains as unique as it ever has. Just as Autobahn was the sound of the freedom of individual travel, so Aerodynamik is both wide-open and forward-moving, recalling that earlier song's ticking of revolutions per minute with the rhythm of cycling. Aerodynamik, in spite of the changes in technology and the lifting of their sound by everyone from Duran Duran to Afrika Bambaataa, Aerodynamik still sounds unmistakably like Kraftwerk as though the last twenty years passed them by as Hütter and Schneider slowly altered their sound whilst isolated within Kling Klang, no matter what happened outside.

Indeed, showing that the Kraftwerk writing is just right for their sound, the remixes included on this single do nothing for Aerodynamik as you're best advised to stick with the original Kling Klang tracks.



out of 10

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