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Celebrating the UK release of their debut album, Danish Pop band Alphabeat performed their biggest UK headlining show to date at London's Koko.

I watched the six piece Popsters take to the stage with a great sense of pride and happiness as I've seen them go from playing bottom of the bill to an average of 15 people at numerous tiny clubs to headlining a very large venue in just over half a year. This was obviously the largest crowd I'd seen assembled for an Alphabeat performance. Looking around it seemed the majority of fans were still young indie kids with a sneaky love for pop rather than the mixed crowd I expected due to their "Fascination" chart placing.

This was the longest set I'd seen the band play, taking in the majority of tracks from the "This is Alphabeat" collection, throwing in a few suprises along the way.
Alphabeat have always been a powerful and confident live band, even when performing to two men and a dog, so it was nice to see Anders, Stine and the gang playing on a stage that suited them, complete with lasers and backdrop!

The band started their performance with "Fantastic Six", with "Go Go" and "What is happening" following. "This is Alphabeat" has been out less than a week but the crowd seemed to know the majority of lyrics throughout the night, with "What is Happening" kicking off a real singalong from the people down the front.
A rare outing for Danish B side "A Message" was next up with the bands cover of P.I.L's "Public image" next in line.

The band have managed to combine John Lydon's snarling late 70's attack on the media with the cheerful whistling of "Young Folks", making a strange but alluring take on the Post Punk classic.

The intro to current single "10,000 nights" was rewarded with a huge cheer, with the Koko choir out in force again joining in on the chorus, creating a great atmosphere in the room. Unfortunatly my excitement diminished slightly with the appearance of "Rubber boots" in the set. "Rubber Boots" has never been one of my Alphabeat favourites but the new album mix and live version has killed any love I ever had for the song, with the arrangement on offer at Koko drifting in and out of a Techno backbeat, making it a horrendous listening experience!

Luckily my spirits were lifted again by "Boyfriend", one of the stand out songs of the evening and an obvious audience favourite. Alphabeat threw one last suprise into the mix with an unusual cover of Sugababes "Push the button". I had perused the setlist while in the photo pit earlier so was looking forward to seeing what the band were going to do with the trio's track. It was amusing watching the reaction of the audience as they slowly recognised the lyrics as the song rolled out.

It was a slightly slower take on the track than I expected but sounded great none the less, with the audience roaring their appreciation at the songs completion. Alphabeat ended their set with album highlight "Touching You, Touching Me" a song that motors along like an early Duran Duran single seeing the band finishing in style, guaranteeing them the inevitable encore

The band kept huge hit "Fascination"for their return. I was wondering if they were going to deliver the version with the extended intro that they've played in their home country but wasn't really suprised when the lengthy version took to the air. It certainly did the job anyway with Stine and Anders slow repeated delivery of "The word is on your lips - say the word" creating the perfect build, driving the Koko crowd ecstatic as the songs "real" intro kicked in, silver paper exploding from the ceiling showering the audience towards the songs completion, creating a magical ending to a fantastic evening!

With Alphabeat's debut album expected to make a decent dent in the charts and current single "10,000 nights" littering the airwaves Alphabeat look set to be top of the Pops for a good while yet.

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