Usher - Yeah!

I can forgive music a lot providing there's passion to it. Bum notes, false starts, dropped chords, solo or harmony vocals that are so far out of tune that it's possible they're singing a different song, even the white noise of My Bloody Valentine's You Made Me Realise is wonderful so long as there's blood in the music.

And that's where r'n'b comes in. As though mainstream radio needed something as 'street' as hip-hop but without the bitches, bullets and blow, r'n'b is the glossly flipside to a hip-hop life. Take this song...without even seeing it, you already know that the video will star Usher, a busload of talent from a gentlemen's club and a Lamborghini parked up. The songs on this single - written with Lil' Jon, Ludacris and Pharrell Williams - are like any other r'n'b song before it, being dull beats, the kind of rapping that you don't hear outside of a Puff Daddy record and a chorus of lapdancers singing, "Yeah...Usher!"



out of 10

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