Various Artists - Decline of the Pacific Northwest: Seattle Rock n Roll Circa 2007

No promo sheet. Not even any details on the label website. So it's not entirely obvious what (or who) this is.

Ostensibly, this looks like a four band, label compilation from the people that brought you The View but after several listens it's hard not to come to the conclusion that Kings English, The Knast, Holy Ghost Revival and Emeralds are actually just one band, with only minor variations between the eight tracks.

There's a heavy 70s vibe here: The Dead Boys, Mott The Hoople and so forth but what I'm actually slightly reminded of are lost blue-collar rockers Diesel Park West: well-crafted, earthy guitar-based pub rock that's admirable at the time but less intriguing second time around.

The Emerald tracks are a bit freakier with "When the Sirens Call" hinting of Electric Wizard but overall, there's very little of interest to be found here.



out of 10

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