múm - Nightly Cares

Icelandic eerie postmodernists múm have returned with a new single that further cements their reputation as the masters of electronica ambiance fused with prog-rock intentions. Whereas Sigur Rós have sewn up the sprawling, shimmering-deathly-guitar scene market, múm release a teaser single to suggest that their long-awaited new album Summer Make Good will be worth the wait.

Nightly Cares is a lonely, solemn retreat from overblown electronica into almost apocalyptic burning tones. The vocals, deliberately distorted to sound like a five-year-old child, add to the unnerving swelter that quietly revolves around the recording. It’s darker territory for múm, and even though the b-side Once A Shiny Morning Puddle is more trademark múm, sans vocals, you sense that their new album could take them to higher reaches.



out of 10

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