The Accidental - There Were Wolves

In the world of nu-folk, The Accidental may be considered something of a super group. Assembled for There Were Wolves are members of The Memory Band, Tunng and The Bicycle Thieves, plus singer-songwriter Liam Bailey. And that's without listing those with only guest status.

The Accidental come across like a less wonky Tunng; the adhesion to acoustic is there, but those cranky, inventive rhythms are only ever hinted at. Knock Knock is spookily atmospheric, recent single, Wolves, has intriguing lyrics, using a menacing metaphor for blokes on the pull, and Time and Space sounds like a campfire sing-a-long. There Were Wolves has some nice touches, but, determinedly low-key, it might fall short of reeling you in.



out of 10

Last updated: 18/04/2018 23:54:01

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