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What's hot on this latest round up of chart fodder? For starters, a handful of excellent pop tunes: Girls Aloud's Call The Shots, Robyn's Be Mine!, Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music (atoning for Umbrella) and Hot Chip's Ready For The Floor (even if it sounds like Erasure). Then there's Goldfrapp's folky A&E, the lead single from the marvellous Seventh Tree and a welcome goodbye to the kinky pop rut. Samim's Heater is a bit novelty, but it's probably the closest minimal techno has come to breaking the mainstream - and for that we offer a salute.

What's not? Where to begin? Suffice to say, the worst two airplay hoggers of the year so far are here: Nickelback's Rockstar (somehow this found life out of the grunting and straining pen) and David Jordan's extremely irritating Sun Goes Down (let's just hope melding R&B and country hoedown doesn't catch). Special thanks for including Leon Jackson's sappy When You Believe to which I previously hadn't been exposed. After this, Westlife sound like the Itchy Trigger Finger Niggaz. A track too rotten for daytime radio; who'd have thunk it?



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