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The Go! Team - saviours of arthouse cinema?

When Britain's oldest cinema is in danger of closure, you wouldn't really expect hyperactive party-starters the Go! Team to become its self-appointed saviours. Think again, because the Duke of York's cinema in Brighton is hosting a very special sold-out gig tomorrow night (14 March) to raise funds for a replacement roof. The cinema, which has catered to film fans since 1910, is about £5,000 short of raising the necessary £50,000 required for a renovation but tomorrow should make it all systems Go! for work to begin in April.

Ian Parton, whizzkid behind the Go! Team's sample-tastic assault on the senses, is proud of the cinema's standing in bandmate Sam Dook's community and wishes for it to reach its 2010 centenary. "Well, i just feel pretty strongly that there has to be an alternative to these out-of-town hellhole multiplexes. The idea of York’s closing down is too grim to contemplate. All towns look the same these days - you have to make sure all the unique stuff sticks around."

Indeed, the band's music has looked to a wide range of movies for inspiration: "Film soundtracks are a common place to hustle for samples, I particularly hunt down blaxploitation and Bollywood stuff. I think the Go! Team's music is pretty filmic; it puts images in your head, mainly carchases for some reason."

Maybe Tarantino's Death Proof could have done with one of the Team's tracks to alleviate the boredom but that's beyond the point. The issue here is the independents versus the megabucks corporations, and is addressed by York's general manager Jon Barrenechea and his inspiring mission statement: "The Duke's biggest achievement is having survived this long in a fierce, competitive marketplace that can be very unkind to small cinemas. We're the equivalent of a local butcher or fishmonger versus a Tesco. We are part of the community, we're not just here for a few years to make a fast buck – we are here for the long haul."

Music fans especially have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the establishment's future. An exciting new development has seen York's open its arms to live music - aside from Ninja and co. no doubt causing a riot tomorrow, the Kills played a special late-night show there last week (review due this weekend) and future shows are being organised. Barrenechea explains: "Before we only had accompaniment to silent films, but the concerts have proved very popular and it fits with our ethos of doing something completely different."

Well, there ya go. All of you who want to sock it to the Odeons and Showcases of the world may want to think about sponsoring a seat or just popping by for a film so the cinema can continue in offering that "something different". Visit the Duke of York website for more info.

Last updated: 19/04/2018 00:06:44

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