Kid Harpoon - The Second EP

Following the witty nuance of his first EP's title, erm, The First EP, Kid Harpoon delivers six more songs under the new and improved wordplay of... The Second EP. When this non-kid singer/songwriter (he's in his mid-twenties) claims he has more than 200 songs at his disposal, surely these mini-releases are just a teasing stop-gap before a full album release.

Well, don't write him off just yet because, despite the silly name, Kid Harpoon (or, for the purpose of this reviewer's sanity, Tom Hull) has managed to update and relocate the bitter regrets of Tom Waits' finest to deliver a folky and very English collection of tales. The quick-sharp strumming and pounding drums of opener Riverside contrasts with the lighter barroom sing-along, complete with funky piano solo, of Her Body Sways. The finest moment, however, is Lay of the Land, wherein our Kid unapologetically acknowledges his part in the breakup of a relationship: 'I did what I had to do/I was sorry when I saw your point of view/But I hope that in time/You'll see mine'.

Over the top of all this, Hull's husky rasp has shades of everyone from Tom McRae to Finn Andrews. There's even a bit of Pete Doherty in there and, if he continues to write romantic and nostalgic songs like these, he may overtake heroin boy to become the indie girl's poet of choice.



out of 10

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