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Welsh female soul singer Duffy has been touted alongside Adelle, Beth Rowley, Laura Marling and Gabriella Cilmi as one of 2008's bright young hopes. She has also been likened to Dusty Springfield and featured in newspaper articles looking for "The new Amy?"

When the Duffy hype machine started moving into gear towards the end of last year I was interested in hearing debut single "Rockferry" as I assumed it would be something I liked as it seemd to tick all the right boxes. Unfortunately I wasn't won over as Duffy's higher register irritated me especially her shrill shrieking of the chorus.

I was still curious about her other material though but second single "Mercy" didn't really fill me with joy either hearing it a month or so later. Both singles appear on "Rockferry" but will be absent from my "Rockferry" playlist!

Duffy's debut album does have a few tracks that I'm more fond of, especially "Warwick Avenue" and "Stepping Stone". "Syrup and Honey" also has its charm with its stripped down backing and smokey vocals.

The 60's retro production is decent enough but I still can't see the Dusty Springfield or Amy Winehouse comparisons and don't really understand why Duffy has attracted so much publicity when Candie Payne didn't really appear on many folks radars with her 2007 debut which treaded a similiar ground.

I'd certainly say Duffy is more of a Payne than Winehouse and would send listeners in the direction of the Richard Hawley produced debut album from A Girl Called Eddy if they're seeking glorious heartfelt 60's tinged songs rather than Duffy's debut.

As damning as this review may be I still hope to see her live at some point to see if her live performance changes my opinion but till then I'll go with what I've heard.

So there you have it... Duffy: owner of a couple of good tunes, a bit shrill at times, headache inducing at others and possibly this year's Candie Payne!



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