Tina Dico - Count to Ten

Big In Denmark. Not the highspot on most artists' CVs. When you're actually from Denmark, well, it seems forgivable enough. And Tina Dico is massive in Denmark. Her clutch of fans over here seem to think This Is The One. Maybe, maybe not. But it's not hard to see how a few Radio 2 plays of the rollicking 'On the Run' or the hyperballad 'You Know Better' could this push into the slipstream of the current vogue for all things female and meaningful. For the most 'Count to Ten' is a fine, smart and engaging piece of work. Okay, it's more measured than impassioned, a tad studio-bound in the production and it skirts the metaphorical in favour of the strictly literal. Towards the end it tails off a tad and becomes more Craven (Beverley not John) than Clarkson (Kelly not Jeremy) but for the most part, for all their lack of real, over-the-edge fire, this is a laudably solid set of songs; with only a slighter higher concentration of weird, this could have been a corker.

So, the first half of this, Dico's seventh album, shines. The minimal bobble of the opening title track is the album's most intriguing moment. 'You Know Better' is a marvellous slow-burning ballad and 'Sacre Couer' and 'My Business' follow similar suit. Lyrically we're talking quiet introspection, compassion, love-lorn story-telling. Special mention for the vocals which come packaged all raw and un-showy, a shining example of how someone with a lovely understated tone (shades of Missy Higgins) and using it honestly impresses more than ill-advised octave-jumping. If, say Thea Gilmore's 'Avalanche' or Sarah McLachlan's 'Surfacing' float your boat, this will surely do the same. A definite thumbs up but swap some of the spectral for spunky next time.



out of 10

Last updated: 25/06/2018 18:24:06

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